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Last minute gift guide for him

I know how hard it can be to buy a gift for your male family member who seems to have it all. Especially if you want to stay on the budget! I decided to make a quick guide, if you are running late. Those are some good and safe choices and I am sure you can find something your dad, boyfriend, husband, uncle or nephew will like! Let me know what you think and if there are any things you would add. I wish I could use this list when buying my husband’s gift, but I used all of these ideas on him already throughout the year…

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Number 1 Beer making kit 

Pretty safe choice for any guy over 18/21 depending where you are from 🙂 If he is not into beer, you can always find an equivalent for gin or rum. 

Check it out here

Number 2 Smart Speaker 

Smart speaker which can not only play music, but also tell you the weather, a joke or traffic situation. It can also control smart lights, so maybe you can consider that as a follow up gift? 

Check it out here

Number 3 Wireless charger 

Wireless charger which works AND looks super classy. No more entangled cables on his desk or a nightstand. You can also get a matching cover. 

Check it out here

Number 4 Muscle Massager

Perfect gift if he is working out or simply have muscle pain, this works like a charm and pssst…you can borrow it from him. 

Check it out here

Number 5 Tile Tracker 

If he is often misplacing his keys or his waller…or both, fear no more. This can help him track it with his phone. And also it is a perfect gift if you are sharing a car key and you get frustrated because you can never find it.

Check it out here

Number 6 Cocktail book

Are you tired of his boring and slightly too traditional gin n tonics? Get him a cocktail book that will keep him occupied during the next family/friends gatherings. Maybe he will surprise you with something tropical. 

Check it out here

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